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PROJECT AHEAD™ offers programming opportunities for our partners and sponsors to provide accurate, credible, reliable and factual information,  as well as access to products and services that help illuminate the integral relationships between the ABCs of life. This portfollio has three key areas of programming: (1) Patient Education; (2) Staff Training, and (3) Consumer Outreach.

PROJECT AHEAD™ has two components: Celebrate Life™ and Food, Facts & Fitness™. The objective of both is to educate and in some cases re-educate patients, medical staff, care givers, consumer intermediaries and the general public about how to build a balanced lifestyle by incorporating the ABCs that yield wealth and wellness.

Celebrate Life™ is marketed towards community and faith-based organzations, health centers, public and private medical practices and organizations serving members, patients and program participants.

Food, Facts & Fitness™ is marketed towards retailers, fitness facilities, entertainment venues and other public access spaces where customers shop, eat, live and seek entertainment.

MusicSenergy™ - offers programming opportunities for our partners and sponsors to support this curriculum-based, creative approach to entrepreneurship using the powerful persuasion of music as a medium to earn, educate, empower and entertain. A secondary objective exploiting music's role and potential in addressing dis-ease at the individual and social level.

is marketed towards academic institutions [i.e., public and private schools, colleges, school divisions and associations] as well as local municipalities serving at-risk populations.

MusicSenergy - The Business of Music™ is the brand name for a collection of courses, seminars and workshops about the operations of an independent record label covering everything from songwriting and publishing to artist development, branding, marketing and dstributing product. These courses, seminars and workshops include both the creative and business functions of music entrepreneurship.

MusicSenergy Live!™
is a series of networking events for program partipants enjoy live performances and informal interactions with guest artists and presenters.

MusicSenergy Mentors™
is a mentorship program where program partipants are paired with professional artisans and business people cultivating relationships for future success in business and throughout life.

offers programming opportunities for our partners and sponsors to support an new vision for entrepreneurship where program participants share revenue generated from products they co-produce.

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